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Falcon Enamel

Enamel 1 Pint Jug

Enamel 1 Pint Jug

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Our 1 Pint Jug is a great addition to a tabletop spread, useful for pouring sauces, drinks .

1 Pint Jugs are 11 cm tall and hold 586 ml

Care & Use:

Oven Safe up to 270C / Dishwasher Safe / Freezer Friendly / Suitable for Gas & Electric Hobs / Not safe for Microwaves /  Chemically Safe (PTFE free)  

Lemon juice can help remove any stains from enamel. Soaking in warm soapy water can remove any baked on food. But do avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes as this could scratch. Enamel can still be used if it chips a little, the steel underneath will naturally oxidise, which in our opinion adds to the character. 

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