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Beach Clean Pebble Coaster

Beach Clean Pebble Coaster

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Liga's Beach Clean material is a clever mix of cork with recycled EVA plastics. Once unloved and part of the problem these recycled plastics are now wanted and creating a solution. Flexible and soft to touch. Every batch is unique and a blend of different colours, however we take the time to match your set by eye so that your mats look good together.

Set of four coasters

.Beach Clean placemats and coasters are presented in a simple eco band made from recycled paper.

We use zero plastic in our packaging. Sustainable Living and eco giving.

Dimensions; 9 x 9 x 0.2 cm per mat

Additional Information:

Due to the plastic mix these are not heat proof. The cork is naturally harvested from the tree every 9 years, cork continues to absorb Co2. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. 

Check out the whole beach clean range here available at design led Seasgair Store.

Postage: everything purchased before midday is sent out with Royal Mail same day, you can choose first or second class postage at checkout. We can also send direct any gifts, add a gift note in the checkout notes once you have filled your basket. 

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